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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Stand up against Injustice

Travelling on a bus one night I was sat talking with a girl
in the background a large group of teenagers were setting off stink bombs
when I looked back an elderly man was standing to open the window as his wife was distressed, both of them were in their late sixties.

The man then sat and as he did a youth stood and closed the window
the elderly man stood again and opened it, only to have his hand trapped in the window
I was alone apart from the girl
I stood, walked over and forced open the window freeing the man,s hand
looking at the gang I said
this couple are someones parents and grand parents all they want after a night out is to go home in peace

we all sat down

As I waited for the gang to attack me I heard them all plotting as we drove along
the ring leader stood and left the bus at his stop and the bus moved on

The elderly couple than rang the bell a few stops later and stood to leave, the women turned to the bus and said their was only one man on the bus and thanked me

later the gang came to their stop and stood and walked by saying to me well done mate you did the right thing

I was scared at the time adrenalin pumped through me but the fear was held back by the need to fight injustice

I remember that couple and will do so till I die her words still bring on a tear

and I will always stand when it is required

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