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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Stand up against Injustice

Travelling on a bus one night I was sat talking with a girl
in the background a large group of teenagers were setting off stink bombs
when I looked back an elderly man was standing to open the window as his wife was distressed, both of them were in their late sixties.

The man then sat and as he did a youth stood and closed the window
the elderly man stood again and opened it, only to have his hand trapped in the window
I was alone apart from the girl
I stood, walked over and forced open the window freeing the man,s hand
looking at the gang I said
this couple are someones parents and grand parents all they want after a night out is to go home in peace

we all sat down

As I waited for the gang to attack me I heard them all plotting as we drove along
the ring leader stood and left the bus at his stop and the bus moved on

The elderly couple than rang the bell a few stops later and stood to leave, the women turned to the bus and said their was only one man on the bus and thanked me

later the gang came to their stop and stood and walked by saying to me well done mate you did the right thing

I was scared at the time adrenalin pumped through me but the fear was held back by the need to fight injustice

I remember that couple and will do so till I die her words still bring on a tear

and I will always stand when it is required

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Hunted Hunter

Hunted Hunter

Darkness comes and from a place
A gentle footstep treads.
With intermittent gate and staring face
Adorned with silken threads.

Greenest forest blades apart
Spread as frantic search begins.
For fill to power the tiny heart
And guide the smallest wings.

The hunter totally captivating
Senses turned and honed to catch.
Fails to check, the trap is baited
Who the bait and where the match.

As launch is made to snare the feed
A streetlight shadow falls.
And trapper turns to trapped at speed
With the lightning flash of paws.

Friday, 23 November 2012

The Moon shines

The moon shines

The great winds turn
Glazed under the blazing sun
Cooled as they crash into the sea
Oblivious of man

The world turns
The moon shines
The tide turns
But not to look on man

All you wish to tame is free
All you want to conquer dead
All you wish to own is lost
All you have is time

Thursday, 22 November 2012

We are lost

we are rich so they say,every technology is available to us yet our mothers die alone on Piss stained mattresses
Our Nations Children suffer abuse neglect hunger and bullying while we grind out a wage that is enough to get us one day further along the road.
Bankers brought poverty to the doors of most families while they carried on taking massive bonus payments saying we will go abroad if we are not paid for our failure.
This is a snap shot of the capitalist state in 2012


We started the year with Occupy at the forefront of a western revolution, it was crushed by the capitalist simply by using the hygiene issues around the camps
while they do nothing about clearing up the inner city slums or the ghettos around the world.
we can and will have a new system to replace this vile capitalist slave trading that they call employment

we want our freedom back we want work for us and our children

I believe the world of freecommunism is our Path

we must create a manifesto that brings to it the aim of improving life for the masses
no dictators setting agendas the people the commune working for the thing that capitalism denies us UTOPIA
we can all have employment the riches can have less the poor enough 

Teenagers must have jobs and their mothers must have help from their fathers who MUST STAY IN THE FAMILY AND WORK FOR THE CHILDREN
we all have wants but needs must be met for the masses first then wants can be addressed

FOOD 4 ALL not just the fat rich western pigs


I have started work on a manifesto and it goes like this
we wantAn end to child abuse today
Full stomachs
Empty prisons
Full colleges
Teenagers with hope
Pensioners warm
More trees
Fewer cars
Clean water
Mosquito nets
Not limos
Love songs
Not rap songs
Hand shakes
Not war
Families near each other
Schools next door
Work for a workers life
Not solitude
Not hate
My son proud
My wife pleased
My employees busy
And me home for tea
I don’t want excuses
Or promise filled lies
I want all on this list
Without compromise
We have waited too long
For this mess to come right
Let’s take back our England
All join in our fight

Let us start the work let us work with other communists and create a freecommmunist system dictator free and 4 the people

Join us on THE PATH help us cut it through the jungle of CAPITALISM


Friday, 30 December 2011

european capitalisms rapid demise

we have relied on the ruling elite and had the reward of a financial meltdown
as bankers rush to collect their bonuses to hide away small business are collapsing through lack of capital
we the workers students and people of the fifth international are mobilising

Freecommunist manifesto 2012

communism was damaged by dictators who use brutal suppression on the masses
this will be a new beginning for the system of communism

more aligned with the peoples of western Europe it will

1 serve the masses
2 serve the poor
3 serve the worker

capitalism must have a serious feasible opponent that can swiftly replace it
we are starting on twitter with
#freecommunism wanting input from the social media masses

our people will develop this system not the rich nor the intelligentsia workers the unemployed the young the educated and the illiterate will have a voice under the new pure version of communism
heading for a utopia we will not brutalise those who do not join with us
we will have an army to stop capitalism's counter revolutionary tactics
The Paris commune failed badly to defend its first great work
we will wok with a management group all selected for their great skills within transport education finance defence etc
we seek closer ties with our brothers and sister of China Russia Cuba North Korea
we will trade first with socialist countries for mutual benefits

the first stage will be to build the new manifesto 2012

we have a small team working on this and want more to contribute
our first item will be

1 no man shall financially profit from the labours of another
2 real hunger will be eradicated
3 families will be the highest priority
4 banks will be told what interest rates to apply
5 all people will have some work
6 all will have education
7 fuel for heating will have a low maximum price per unit to end fuel poverty
8 there will be no evictions from family homes
9 food will be produced locally
10 chemical use on foods will be abolished
11 the young without work will be given places in small businesses paid for by the families or state
12 the young will be employed in the production of food in small city farms and trained
13 the Old will live great lives free from fears of poverty and crime
14 drug users will be treated as ill
15 no child under the age of 18 will be in any secure establishment unless they are a danger to others or their selves
16 fathers will be traced and made to live at home with the family they created as long as there is no history of violence the state will help them
17 major roads will close stopping commuting ensuring all workers reach work within their local area in 30 minutes or less
18 NO child shall experience any form of poverty
19 the rest are yours put ideas in comments and i will add

Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Moon shines

The moon shines

The great winds turn
Glazed under the blazing sun
Cooled as they crash into the sea
Oblivious of man

The world turns
The moon shines
The tide turns
But not to look on man

All you wish to tame is free
All you want to conquer dead
All you wish to own is lost
All you have is time